Monday, 31 December 2012

Learn a New Thing ( 31/12/12)

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum .
Monday bluess again . Fewfeww , feel lazy when a week mid term break . Hmm , I have got fever . So the feel to come to class little bit difficult . Before that , in a week mid term break I have work part time at laundry . Feel tired but I like to work there .
Today , the class started with the presentation from the group that Miss Zu has not accepted the topic yet . Miss Zu give an idea and ask our opinion about the topic that our friend presented . She has not approve the topic by Sarah and Zubaidah because their topic are too common . Please dont give up ya friend !
Oh ya , today Miss Zu has teach us to using in text citations for quotations and paraphrasing . If I not mistaken , this topic I have learn last semester with Miss Syazwa Nabila . But , we are forgot to do that again when Miss Zu ask us about paraphasing and quotations . Hmm , Miss Zu teach us and will continue it tomorrow .

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