Saturday, 15 December 2012

Writing ? Easy or Not ?

With The Name of Allah .
Huh , when the topic is WRITING everybody will say " hmmm " include me . Why that feeling always come when lecturers ask us to do ? For me , writing is easy but when I want to write in English it is big big and big problem for me .. I dont know why . I think it is because the knowledge in vocabulary of English are lack . I also do not quite like to speak and write in English . For me , English is the moooooosssttttt difficult language .
From the primary school and then secondary school , teacher always give exercise to do an essay . But when I write , it was sooo many grammatical error in my essay . From that , my feeling to write an essay was so down . I am trying to improve my writing but I cannot . Hmmm . So , after this blog has created , I can try to improve myself by doing this online diary ..
Something good that Miss Zu has ask us to do this blog . Miss Zu , I am sorry if my English is broken . This is me and I try to do my best to improve my skills in writing . I think writing is easy when someone like it .

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