Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lets Create The Blog

With The Name of Allah .
Assalamualaikum .
12 Disember 2012
Hi everyone . Today is the last day class of BEL 311 in this week . For Wednesday , our class in lab at SL . Miss Zu has ask us to create the blog for everyone not create yet . For those who has create it , Miss Zu ask us to post entry in that blog . Some of my friend dont know how to create blog . So , I have teach several people . Create the blog is not difficult but it is need high level of patience . Make it easy and follow all the step .
Some of my friend have create their blog but they forgot their password . It is little bit difficult and if they cannot open their blog , they must create a new one . In this class I also have learn how to create the backgroud of my blog . Ohh , I have try it .. And I will change my background later because it is take time to choose the best one . Hehehe .
Oh yaa . Miss Zu also ask us to follow each others .

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