Sunday, 24 March 2013

Diary on 13rd March 2013

With The Name of Allah

Hye hye hyeee . Today Miss Zue teach us how to write argumentative essay . Is it easy ? NOOO ! Since I have writen argumentative essay for term paper, it is a big hard for me to write again and again .. Miss Zue has explained to us because not all us know about this type of essay. 
The topic that we have to do is :
Women nowadays are aggressive and more bolder and men are sensitive. 

Ohh , thank GOD . Miss Zue ask us to submit this essay on Monday :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Diary on 27th February 2013

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum ..
Fuhhh , feel nervous when entered the class today . We have to present the forum today . The forum start with Atikah Ahmad's group . Alhamdulillah , our class today is soooooo happening because we have to act in shooting in a studio . HAHAHA ..
My group has do the best and Alhamdulillah , Miss Zu feel happy to see all group that has presented today . But , Sara's group did not present their forum becuase it is already 6 o'clock . Miss Zu ask Sara's group to present next week .
By the way, Miss Zu already give us a task to do in this weekend . Oh nooooo ! hmm , a lot of task to do in this week , but I want to go back to home -_-
I wish to finish all my assigment this weekend . Hopefully :)

Diary on 26th February 2013

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum .
Hye peeps . Guest what we do in class today ?
Yaaa , we do a forum . Miss Zu ask us to do a forum because the speaking test is a round the corner *cewaaahh ..
Okayy , Miss Zu has explained to us about the forum , and she has devid us into six group . In a group has 5/4 people . who is in my group ? me , zubaidah , inayah , fikri and wasim . Alhamdulillah , they are very talkactive person and I am very like to work with them .
I and my group has get a title " how to reduce electricity usage " . We search in the internet about that title and we get some ideas to do in the forum . So , in the forum fikri act as the moderator and the other is the panel .
Miss Zu give a time to discuss with the group and she ask to present it tomorrow .

Diary on 25th February 2013

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum ..
Hye everyone !
Today our class is at DSP and we have to bring a laptop . Miss Zue has remind us to bring the laptop today . As Miss Zu said last week , today we have to do a commenting on the other group essays' . I and Ika have to change the essay with Nadia and Nadia *dont confuse because in my class have two Nadia but they are not twin , hahahha.
We have to comment on the essay , give a suggestion on their work . Same goes to them . They have to comment on our essay . A mistake that Nadia found has she write it . So , I and Ika have noticed the mistake and have to correct it . Oh yaa , Miss Zu also want the soft copy that we have comment because she want do a research *maybe :)
Everyone has to comment and Miss Zu want to see it when she want .