Saturday, 15 December 2012

3rd and 4th Disember 2012

With The Name of Allah .
Diary on 3rd Disember 2012
Today is the first day in UiTm since we have done with our semester break . So it is little bit tired because we have break almost one month and half . Bel 311 clas is the last class for today . Huh ! Tired . I have wake up early in the morning because the class is start at 8 a.m . Monday bluess ~~  By the way , this subject Bel 311 is the last semester that I have to take . After this I will be able to speak and write " SUPERBLY " in English . InsyaAllah .
I have learn something today . Games that can improve my English eventhough it is quite difficult for me to speak . The game is called " Network Communication " . The sounds look amazing ! And yess . Everybody must try it . So , in this game all class members must be in 2 circle . After that , in 5 minute we must ask and answer all the question that our partner give to us .
This activity is the best because I can know more information about my friend . Miss Zu also join in this game .
Diary on 4th Disember 2012
Second day of classes . Tired and tired again . Feel sleepy because the day is raining outside . Ohhh , ig I can sleep in the class , so nice ! Hahaha .
Nothing interesting today , Miss Zu has not introduce new game . Miss Zu only introduce about Bel 311 . Woww . So difficult . More than Bel 120 and Bel 260 . InsyaAllah , I can pass this paper . Miss Zu has fully explain about the types of essay and give brieffing about the outline that we have to do . Arghhh .. This task must be done by pair . So , I think this is good enough for me to do this task . Miss Zu also ask us to choose the topic that we want to make an outline . The topic must be the latest issue . Hmmm , what do you think the best topic ? I will share if I have pick that topic . See you the guys .

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