Saturday, 15 December 2012


With The Name of Allah .
Hi everyone . First time I create this blog only write in ENGLISH .. Huuu , it is interesting but a little bit difficult because not all people like or understand what have we write . I have enter the community of blogging almost 2 years but I not really focus on it . When I have problem or anything story that I want to share with others I will post it into my blog .. So , it is not the problem for me to join this site .
While blogging , we can see many beautiful blog that the owner have create it . When I was the ' baby ' in this site , I think it was amazing because in blogging we can know the ability of us to make our blog beautiful . At the beggining , I think it was difficult to create the blog . Since I become the senior of bloggers , I think everyone must have blog . In the beggining to create blog , you will feel bored but if you want to make blog as your online diary , your felling will automaticly turn to LIKE to blogging .
With blogging also we can know everyone from the other country . We can share something that we know to others . So , I think blogging is best and I like it so much !

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