Saturday, 15 December 2012

Thats Shocking !

With The Name of Allah .
Assalamualaikum .
Hi people . Today Miss Zu has introduce a new game in our class . Its funny and I very like it . It is look like childish but I think this game is good for us to write a sentence properly . In this game everybody must write in a piece of paper . The thing that we write , we cannot give to the others see it . In the other word , we cannot share what that have we write . What should we write ? haaaa ...
We must write in the full sentence " The thing that no one know about us and the thing that we write MUST be shock all our friend " . Miss Zu give us 10 minute to think it . What should I write ? When everybody know , if they will shock ? Hmmm , no idea ..
After 10 minute everybody must folding paper become an aeropelane . After that we must throw the aeroplane to the other site which is to our friends . So many aeroplane fly ! hihihi . Its remember me about my primary school . I miss all my friend very much . One more thing that everybody must know is , some of the boy in my class does not know how to make an aeroplane . Ohhh myyy ! hahah , its funny .
Miss Zu ask us to pick one of the aeroplane that not belongs to us . So , I have pick up Syafika's aeroplane . And I very shock that everything that she has write . Hahah , I could not imagine that Syafika is like that ..
Everybody looks happy .


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