Saturday, 8 December 2012

Warm Up Posting

With the name of Allah ..
Hi everyone . My name is Fatin Syahira binti Mastor . I was born on 26th May 1993 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru . Now I am 19 years old but in a few days later which is next new year I will be 20 years old . Huh , I not expect a matter of days more I will be 20th . Woww I am so excited .
Now I am part 3 in UiTM Segamat Johor and take Banking course . Before that I am from Pre-diploma student in the same UiTM . So the subject for this semester is more harder ++ compared with when part 1 and part 2 . Its look like my schedule are very pack but I hope I can get a good result in final soon , InsyaAllah .
By the way , I create this special blog for BEL 311 subject . Actually I also have my own blog thai is I write in Bahasa Melayu . Its a little bit hard for me to write in English but I will try . Try to improve myself .
Okay , let I introduce my gorgeous lecturer that teach us BEL 311 , Miss Zuraidah binti Sumery . She is very very very simple person , good looking and very cheerful ladies . First day of class with her , a word which I can tell to you abou Miss Zu is "SUPERB" . Her ways to teach us is different with the others lecturer .
Hopefully , I will get an A+ for this BEL 311 subject . Sir Jafri and Miss Syazwa Nabila , I miss both of you so much . Thanks for help and support me in English .

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