Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Diary on 8th January 2013

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum .

Hi everyone . It is rainy day and of course it is effect to us because when it is raining , the eyes will slowly close . Hahaha . But , I have not sleep in class ya ! Okay , every tuesday all my classmate will hope that our class will finish early because we want to go to the night market . Same goes today , Miss Zu told that if we can finish the class faster , then we can dismiss the class early .

For your information , in Miss Zu class always have an activity so that we are not bored . Today Miss Zu has teach us about Fact and Opinion . Last semester Miss Syazwa Nabila has teach us about that but sometimes we remember and sometimes lost . Haha , no body perfect right ?

When Miss Zu has finish their presentation about fact and opinion , Miss Zu has prepared a game for us . This game must in group . So we have form six group . Each group must pick one of the thing that Miss Zu has bought . My group which is me , Zubaidah , Wasim and Nina . Wasim has choose baby powder . In this game , we must make a five statement that everybody must guest how many fact and opinion .

Group Izany and Athirah have win that game . I like this game because it is enjoying .

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  1. i also didn't remember much about the facts and opinions last semester haha. btw, i enjoyed the game too. it was fun and interesting game that we had. for your infomation, you can use flea market to replace the night market too :)