Saturday, 19 January 2013

Diary on 15 January 2013

With The Name of Allah 

For the first time we ( all of class member ) came late to the Bel class . Sorry Miss Zu . Before Miss Zu's class we are having a Statistic quiz . So , the quiz has finish late . Thank you Miss Zu because understand us .

Ahhhhhh , because of that quiz everyone like to die . Hahaha . Miss Zu said that she hat statistic ! Metoo , but I MUST like it because this subject are to hard and we must past this paper . No repeat . This is my motto .

Okay today lecture is how to make a thesis statement . So Miss Zu teach us from A to Z about it . Alhamdulilah , now we can recall a little bit about thesis statement . As you know that we have learn about thesis statement since we are in part one . Hahaha , same goes with it everything in the memory was delete when the semester is finish .

Miss Zu also teach to create the best thesis statement based on the type of our term paper . From the lecture we get an idea to make a thesis statement . Miss Zu also give the example for us to keep for reference . I think I and Ika can do well for this thesis statement . Pray for us , InsyaAllah :)

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