Saturday, 19 January 2013

Diary on 14th January 2013

With The Name of Allah 
Assalamualaikum .

Hi everyone . Ohh , it is too fast ! The final is around the corner . Alhamdulillah , now I can more comfortable with all the lecturers and actually the are so friendly with student . So , I think I can always ask the lecturer when I do not know something .

Every Monday our class are at DSP . So , this is the advantage for me to go to the class a little bit because my hostel is in front of the DSP . Hiii . Lately I was busy with my club , so I take the free time with sleep :)

Ya ! I like this class today . You know what ? We are doing debate in class . First time that Miss Zu ask us to do debate , I was soooooo lazy to do that . I think that this game are not best . But , when the topic are given to us , I was very exited to do this game . By the way , this game teach us to speak in front of the others .

Okay ,  first of all Miss Zu has divided us into four group . We must manually count it . So , everybody must " redha " with the members of the group . Everybody has go into their group and there is seven people in the group . Our group title is :

Is it true the men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work ?

Our group are opposition . That means our group are totally not agree with the topic . The topic are hot and everybody want to protest . Alhamdulillah , the class end with two best debater which is Faiz Adha and Rozita .

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