Monday, 7 January 2013

Diary on 7th January 2013

With The Name of Allah 
Assalamualaikum .

Hi everyone . When Monday coming the feel Monday Bluesss ~ 

Today our class at DSP . So I go there a bit late because my college is near the DSP . Hihihii . Oh ya , before I go to the class , Ika has sent to me a messege that in Miss Zu class we need to bring laptop . Hmm , my laptop has not been charged yet . So I borrow a laptop from my roomate . Thank you Mira .

As usual , before the class start we recite Al-Fatihah . Miss Zu has explain about flow of the class today . Oh ya , after that Hani's group and Sarah's group have presented their term paper topic since their topic have been rejected last week . Alhamdulillah , Miss Zu finally accept their topic .

Miss Zu has ask us to do blogging but the wifi there are too bad . Because of that problem , Miss Zu ask us to go to the library . At the library we can asses the internet connection . All of the member of my class have do blogging and we continue it the next wednesday .

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