Saturday, 19 January 2013

Diary on 16 January 2013

With The Name of Allah 

Ohh My God . This day was soooo sleepy . I have to accompanying my adviser of MyAgrosis Club to Agro Bank to bank in the money and buy some need of the club . So , this lunch time I cannot sleep . huwaaaaa .

Today Miss Zu's lecture is make a foreword paragraph . It is little bit confusing me to make this paragraph . For this first paragraph , we can use a different types of Hook :

1) Personal example
2) Quotations
3) Facts / Statistics
4) Question
5) Current event
6) Contast
7) Definition
8) Funnel

So , there are 8 types of hook which is totally different with each other . For my term paper ( argumentative ) Miss Zu suggested that the hook that can attract many readers is contrast . But it is only suggestion . Miss Zu want to check our first paragraph next week by Tuesday . Miss Zu has canceled the class on Monday because she has to become examination monitor .

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