Sunday, 6 January 2013

Diary on 2nd January 2013

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum .

So tired today . I have not cured from fever . I feel that this day soooo long . Hm .
Miss Zu has teach us Fiding main idea in paragraph . It is too difficult but it is interesting . For answer this type of question , we must read all the sentences before we find the main idea . Miss Zu has created a game for us to do . The class become noisy because of this game . It is funny but a lot of exersice that we can get .

Moreover , Miss Zu also open a video for us and she has ask us to find the main idea of the video clip . Haha , everyone look stress because we dont know what are the main topic of that video . Nadia's group has win thhis game .

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