Sunday, 3 March 2013

Diary on 27th February 2013

With The Name of Allah
Assalamualaikum ..
Fuhhh , feel nervous when entered the class today . We have to present the forum today . The forum start with Atikah Ahmad's group . Alhamdulillah , our class today is soooooo happening because we have to act in shooting in a studio . HAHAHA ..
My group has do the best and Alhamdulillah , Miss Zu feel happy to see all group that has presented today . But , Sara's group did not present their forum becuase it is already 6 o'clock . Miss Zu ask Sara's group to present next week .
By the way, Miss Zu already give us a task to do in this weekend . Oh nooooo ! hmm , a lot of task to do in this week , but I want to go back to home -_-
I wish to finish all my assigment this weekend . Hopefully :)

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